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Whale watching tours in Tonga


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VERY IMPORTANT!!! Please read our Important Information page before continuing.

A WhaleSwim Adventures Tour is a wildly exciting and memorable experience. There are however quite a few details to be taken care of to make it work, eg, bookings and connections need to be made, and a certain amount of paperwork needs to be completed.

Most of it can be completed online here and now, some must be posted, and payment needs to be organised and confirmed.

Because it can be difficult to know what point your booking is up to, we have set up the following system to make it easy :

- Create a WhaleSwim Adventures Tour Booking Account below, with your contact details. You then book your tour and supply as many of the requested details as possible.

- If you are on our mailing list you will already have a ‘Log in’ and ‘password’ that was automatically created when you signed up – email us for the details.

- If you find you cannot set up an account using the login name you have chosen please just chose another - it may have already been used by someone else.

- Your account features a personal log in system that allows you to log out and log back in again later to add information, book extra accommodation, enter flight details or make any changes.

- Your account allows you to set up a tour for a group of up to six people at once. You can set up more than one tour using an account. We see a lot of our WhaleSwimmers coming back year after year!

- We update your account from our end when we receive posted paperwork or confirm payments, so that you can see the status of your Tour Booking at any time.

- Once all your information is received, payments are made, bookings confirmed and connecting transfers are set up, an email is sent to notify you that your WhaleSwim Adventures tour booking process is ‘COMPLETED' and you are ready to go.

First step – complete the following contact detail information below, then follow the prompts:

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